Friday, February 19, 2010

Wrangler Blue Bell Web Presentation

Give it up for Wrangler Blue Bell's fun, interactive presentation of their SS10 collection on their website. Using your mouse to control what is essentially a video you get to see how the clothes interact on the model during motion. Most of the shots show all sides of the garments so extra points for that. But the fact that they are all of the model being pulled and punched by invisible ghosts may leave the visitor feeling as silly as the model looks.

This novelty will probably keep visitors on the site longer than otherwise but it does not allow for clear viewing of details. The concept is still cool nonetheless and I think they did a great job overall.

Wrangler Blue Bell Website

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ande Whall Grifter Update

It has been more than a few months since I started wearing my custom Ande Whall jeans (Grifter model). This is a photo update of the jeans after 1 machine wash and dry to show off the Cone selvage denim and Ande Whall construction.

Interesting right back pocket shape that became apparent after fading.

Ande Whall Website

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Friday, February 05, 2010

Heller's Cafe Warehouse Homage Collage

Heller's Cafe and Warehouse have put together a new line of very convincing vintage-inspired workwear pieces. They look and feel like the real deal vintage you may find in the collection of Heller's Cafe minus the smell. Beautiful construction but the emphasis is definitely wash and trims.

The collaboration line marries the exceptional strengths of both parties. Heller's Cafe has one of the strongest vintage workwear collections in the world and owner Larry McKaughan can genuinely be called an expert. Many museum-quality vintage denim and archive-worthy Levi's have passed through his hands but he admits his love is for the beautiful denim piece from an obscure brand few have ever heard of.

That is why I have been eager to see the results of Larry’s efforts with Japan's famously vintage-obsessed Warehouse Company who makes some of the most beautifully sewn jeans in the world.

What follows is a collage of details that show what they did and by the end hopefully explains why they do what they do.

Heller's Cafe on Warehouse Website

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