Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tender Update

We check in with Tender Co. Denim in NYC. Founder William Kroll is in town to show Tender's Fall line and we took the opportunity to catch up and geek out.

My first encounter with William was back in 2010 when he launched Tender Co. Denim centered around an unsanforized selvage denim jeans dip-dyed in plant indigo. To date it is still one of the most exciting and unique products available in men's denim. For the new season Tender continues to showcase William's love of natural, historically-relevant dyes.

He walked us through the Tender Type 132D jean, which is an update to the Type 132 jeans introduced with the first season. The "D" can be said to be said to represent modifications made to enable driving (or tractor operating) more comfortable as the back pockets have been moved lower and closer to the side seam. This change allows easier access to wallet and tools stored in the pocket while minimizing stress caused by sitting on objects in your back pocket.

William shows us the pair of Type 132 jeans he has been wearing for about a year and a half. He has attached the side pocket to it, testing its functionality and form before officiallly implementing it into the Type 132D. The denim fades beautifully and you will notice the new pocket is darker than the rest of the jean because it was added after the jeans have already been worn for some time.

On the final Type 132D the seat back pockets have been removed and the size and position of the new pockets fine-tuned. It is shown here in unwashed form without overdye.

Said pockets are calico lined with the same soft and durable fabric that lines the belt loops.

Riveted for lasting wear.

Selvage side seam. Double cuffed in William's preferred style.

Here are the 132D unwashed/undyed next to William's modified 132 natural indigo dip-dyed.

Other details include denim pocket bags with the selvage line at the bottom seam. When you reach into the front pockets you will touch the selvage.

This picture shows the selvage when the pocket bag has been pulled out, on a different pair of Tender jeans.

Other details include riveted snob's thumb pocket (not coin pocket) and removable brass button.

William is an adventurous product developer full of exciting ideas. Some other fun things he shared with us include a hefty, gorgeous brass whistle. Here it is shown alongside my brass Falling Whistles (with my own titanium ball chain and indigo yarn dyed braid). The Tender whistle feels significantly more solid and weighty and exhudes workmanship.

13 inch MacBook case made with selvage denim lined with moleskin padding.

We look forward to many more great things from William. Stay tuned to the Tender website and the discussion forum on Superfuture dedicated to it.