Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Incoming: Takumi Clothing

Word on the street is Takumi Clothing is trying to break into both the designer fashion and denim head camps. For the former there's the combination of flashy details like visible selvedge (reminds me of Earnest Sewn) on the coin and back pockets as well as subtle indigo fabric lining (it's on the inside yoke as far as I can tell and I'm digging it). Fashionistas can check it out at Fred Siegel in Santa Monica.

To try to sell these same jeans to the denim heads I will mention: both the denim and the jeans are made-in-Japan. The raw indigo denim are offered in two cuts with vintage-style hardware inspired by American ranchers and miners who wore their jeans to rags with hardly any cleaning. You must do likewise to get that awesome, authentic fade. Whether Takumi's positioning can impress anyone in this crowd remains to be seen but being carried by the New York boutique, Blue in Green, definitely put the brand on the radar. You can find it on their shelves in August.

Selvedge jeans retail approximately $300. Non-selvedge ones go for $220 or so.
While it does not have that when-it-drops-you-must-cop factor I will be sure to check them out at Blue in Green this summer and report back with anything interesting.

Takumi Clothing Website