Friday, September 29, 2006

True Fit True Jeans is another retailer that tries to ease the complications of finding a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. Business Week has posted a "day in the life" article of co-founder and CEO of True Apparel Company, Romney Evans.

Through a partnership with Montreal-based firm My Virtual Model, True Apparel customers will be able to go online, input their measurements, and have our software tell them which brands and styles of jeans best fit their unique body shape and measurements.

Business Week Article


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the Co-founder and CEO of True Jeans. I wanted to thank Henry Wong for his post and for his support. Since his post, there have been a lot of developments with True Jeans. We finally launched our online jeans store a couple of weeks ago and we're now up and running and doing well. We have had a great response, and we continue to make improvements so that True Jeans continues to be the easiest place to shop for jeans.

Since "Denim News" is all about denim, I should mention a few of our denim brands. True Jeans sells designer jeans and premium denim for both WOMEN and MEN. Some of our most popular denim brands include Antik Denim, Blue Cult, !IT Jeans, Lucky Brand Jeans, Chip and Pepper, Wrangler 47, J and Company, Christopher Blue, 575 Denim, Kasil, Little in the Middle, Odyn, Pine IV, Red Engine, Siwy, Worn, Goldsign, William Rast, WESC, and People's Liberation.

Also, we have a really cool feature where you can see what brands and styles of jeans celebrities are wearing, or what jeans brands fashion magazines recommend.

Once again, thank you Henry for your support. We invite everyone who loves jeans to come check out We look forward to helping you find your true fit.

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