Thursday, September 18, 2008

Takumi Transformed

Every time I meet Takumi Clothing owner Luis Pedroza he is bursting with enthusiasm for his denim line. After several seasons of fine-tuning he delivers what can only be called an artisanal jean.

The new Takumi denim has more texture. It has more interesting yarn slubs and is hairier. While it still has that luxury pliability that gives the wearer assurance they will break in soft it is certainly stiffer than the first Takumi denim. Consider it a compromise between the immediate gratification of comfortable, soft jeans and the security that only armor-stiff denim gives.

But it is perhaps the new construction details that will win over skeptics and let Takumi (artisan in Japanese) earn its name.

A ridge built into the back pocket opening serves as a raised section that will chip off more readily than the surrounding area, creating higher-contrast high/low fades.

I understand the Japanese call this effect "atari."

The inserted beltloops also have this detail.

The one thing I quite dislike is the shiny, ink-black leather patch.

The one detail I love so much is the three waistband stitches. The bottom two stitches are chain stitches. The run off are tucked inside the waistband before closure. You can even see one of them peeking through the button hole.

As usual the indigo print yoke lining and pocketing adds a nice touch.

With such attention to construction the other details like hidden rivets, button flys, and lined back pockets suddenly seem hardly worth mentioning.

Takumi Clothing Website


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