Friday, June 16, 2006

Nathan Bogle No Longer a Threat

Nathan Bogle, co-founder of Rag & Bone, is leaving the company due to differences in design and direction with his partners. Bogle co-founded RB with Marcus Wainwright in 2001. He and designer partners Wainwright and David Neville were referred to as the "triple threat" team when they won the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award this year. Back in February I reported that RB told the Fashion Wire Daily (FWD) they will continue with the "contemporary yet classic" style approach to their sportswear line.

Turns out this was not a unanimous decision as Bogle wanted to develop a more upscale line. Going forward Wainwright and Neville will continue to work on the sportswear collection.

Named after the independent recyclers of England streets, Rag & Bone is home to some gorgeous single rinse jeans. In fact I'm wearing a pair right now...