Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Decent Wash for Decent Denim

Washmaster and friend, David Johnson, is kind enough to share with us his latest wash development. This time it is for Decent Denim. His canvas is a fairly heavy, black 15.5 oz selvedge fabric from Cone Mills. The whiskers are made to look 3-D by use of resin (and perhaps other secret ingredients).

In the age of clean cuts and washes, this garment stands out with an interesting pattern and a well executed wash. Although this model is slated for Japan only you can check out other Decent Denim pieces at channels like Lounge in NYC and American Rag in San Francisco.

Decent Denim


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whiskers...this was what you told me at the jeans store last Saturday?

6/25/2006 07:45:00 PM  
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Anonymous Viagra Online said...

that design is different, looks like something different, in fact look like a old pants, that white lines and discolored tones are so cool.

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