Friday, March 24, 2006

Earnest Sewn T-Shirts

Earnest Sewn, one of my favorite jeans label, will begin offering vintage inspired T-shirts this fall. According to their press release the name and feel of the tees will pay homage to New York City's Meatpacking District, where Earnest Sewn is currently based.

"The T-shirt graphic, ‘Bin No. 1’ is a reference to an underground speakeasy, common in the Meatpacking district during the prohibition era. ‘Old Kill road’ is the original name of Gansevoort street, a reference to the actual location of the Earnest sewn offices, and finally ‘Conkright & Sons’ was the Turpentine Distillery located in same building as Earnest Sewn’s concept/lifestyle store, ‘An Earnest Cut & Sew’ some 80-90 years ago."

You can get these print/non-print tees in stores beginning July for $62.


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