Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Earnest Sewn Holiday Offerings

This October Earnest Sewn will try to please various denim lovers with their new "Kyrre" fit, which is slim, tapered, and super low rise. It will of course be available in a raw, unwashed state (yes, it sports a full selvedge side seam). Fellow fashion victims can use it to follow the raw denim, skinny leg trend but should keep in mind that the indigo WILL fade just as beauty does. It is nature's way. Some hardcore enthusiasts understand that this fading adds character. As ES's press team says, "with time, and without wash, the owner's unique wear patterns will begin to show, creating a lovingly, authentic pair of jeans."

But if you're thinking "Who has that much time?" (or Febreeze for that matter) then check out their "Bette" wash. Named after the restaurant in New York's Chelsea neighborhood the wash replicates some of the raw jeans worn by the waitstaff for six months. As you can see it is fairly subtle and clean (hope that doesn't mean business was slow).

Finally, check out the "Decca Trouser" in the "Tacoma" wash. The straight legs, trouser pockets and leg creases are meant to evoke a dress pants feel. Although I haven't seen it in person yet the cut looks interesting. I still recommend checking your office's dress code before walking in with jeans.

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