Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Denim Design Lab

Ok I've been promising you that I would post a photo review of the limited edition Denim Design Lab's distress your own denim kit for some time now. But the truth is I simply have trouble showing you something I'm not 100% satisfied with. Two pairs of destroyed beyond repair cheapie Levi's and one raw jean later I still have nothing to be extraordinarily proud of. That's not to say the kit has problems (read my review when I post it). It's actually amazingly fun to play with. You'll find me motor grinding away at another pair of jeans this weekend.

The good news is I'm getting really good at jeans destruction. So until my retail quality pair surfaces (soon) check out this garment. It was crafted by the kit's creator, Brian Robbins. He did it using only the kit and it was on display at Ron Herman's shop.

Denim Design Lab Website


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