Friday, August 07, 2009

Momotaro Hand Loom

Below is a YouTube video of the hand loom in the Momotaro store in Japan. It would be amazing to see in person and study how all the mechanisms work. The store weaver moves the harnesses (by foot?), beats in the fill yarn, pulls a string system to shoot the shuttle back and forth, and pumps a lever to roll up the greige cloth. Is this a model of the 1890 Sakichi Toyoda patented wooden hand looms?

In the states you can buy Momotaro jeans at Blue in Green in NYC.

Special thanks to Roy Slaper of Oakland, CA for linking me to this video.

Momotaro Jeans Website

Blue in Green Website


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i would like to know the name of this woman, i would like to learn and report on her story. she looks fairly young so will be doing this for a LONG time. she carries this thing in that sense. thanks.
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