Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rising Sun & Co.

To say the least: Rising Sun & Co. makes some awe inspiring denim garments. If there exists articles of clothing that makes me wonder my worthiness of their nuances then it is likely that Rising Sun's propreitor Mike Hodis made it. The machine-obsessed genius has spent a lifetime acquiring both knowledge and sewing technology of eras past. Some of his sewing machines are so rare that any other collector in his right mind would condition them for archive grade safe keeping.

But as Hodis puts it his venture to create clothing with some of the most true-to-period construction details was born more of "passion than reason."

My initial encounter with Hodis marked my early foray into the world of sewing machines. While comfortable discussing the workings of a selvage loom's take up motion or fill change mechanism I was not equipped to talk sewing machines at this level of expertise. My proud proclamation of having acquired a 43200G Union Special bulldog hemmer was met with sober declaration that the coveted chainstitch machine is in fact not all that special in his world.

He went on to speak about his much rarer "black head" (for the machine head's color) Union Special used in production for the Rising Sun & Co. line in the workshop behind his store in Pasadena, CA. Of how it is from the 1920's and the fact that it has ornate "Union Special" lettering aligned in an arc sets it apart from the "newer" black head Union Specials.

Months pass before I garner enough courage to trade my ignorance for knowledge and find that the enthusiastic Hodis is in fact very eager to share his love for denim and sewing machines with a fellow denimhead.

In the next blog posts I will discuss important insights Hodis imparts and the philosophies that makes Rising Sun & Co. one of the most important American influence in the denim market today. Stay tuned!

Rising Sun & Co. Website


Blogger Tommy said...

I've also had a chance to work with Mike in previous years. With his expertise and innovative way of creating details he helped me create a signature look for Express' Premium denim line. Talking to Mike will overload your brain with knowledge but if you can process and store everything you'll come out rich with information. Mike is a true craftsman

7/09/2009 03:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Is there a contact e-mail for this blog? If so can you please e-mail it to me:

Thank you!

7/23/2009 02:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Atsusuke Tagaya said...

Thank you so much for publishing this incredible website. I came across it doing a google search on Cool Denim companies and you have profiled so many! I first met Mike a year and half ago via Glen Mariconda, the chief denim designer for RRL. Glen is a very technologically knowledgeable and a hugh vintage denim fan like me.

I found Mike to be equally knowledgeable and an enthusiastic fan of making cool retro type jeans with out doing exact knock offs of all the legends (Lee, Levi, wrangler). I was so impressed with his work that I asked if I could have the honor of representing his Rising Sun Line in Japan. Much to my surprise and delight he accepted my proposal and now I am working diligently to bring his story to Japan !

Kind regards,

Atsusuke Tagaya
Topanga Co., Ltd.

7/31/2009 11:45:00 PM  

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