Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Iowa Jeans Drive

Those in Des Moines, Iowa need to drop by Iowa State University with their old, unwanted jeans.

Habitat for Humanity and Iowa State Univeristy is running a drive to turn collected jeans into home insulation for victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The denim that is donated is recycled into denim blue bales of insulation called Ultra Touch, which is a natural cotton fiber insulation.


"They take those foam blocks and they feel them and they're just like, 'This is denim? These are the jeans I have on? This is crazy,'" said ISU student Marjorie Smith.

The idea of using denim for insulation is not new. Stories of vintage collectors finding overalls inside walls of old homes circulate in many circles. The "From Blue to Green" drive last year by Cotton Inc. helped insulate 12 homes that now shelter Katrina victims.

The goal this year for Habitat for Humanity is 70 homes. Being the average home needs approximately 500 pairs of jeans a target of 35,000 garments will be needed. If you are in the area feel free to pitch in by visiting these drop-off locations below.

Hamilton Hall - ISU Campus
Agronomy Hall - ISU Campus

Bethesda Lutheran Church
Memorial Lutheran Church
First United Methodist

Visit website of KCCI, Des Moines's local TV station, for more info and a video on denim Ultra Touch.

KCCI Website


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