Sunday, September 30, 2007

Loom Chatter 2

I have my eyes set on an antique Harley Davidson and must consider selling some of the jeans in my collection. Can I interest anyone in a pair of deadstock True Religion jeans from the early 21st century?

The denim was woven on air jet looms, which were superior to our modern nanobot looms. While factories today prefer nanobot looms for their ability to make stronger and more consistent denim fabric (due to nanobots automatically tucking in loose yarn fibers along with programming the correct shade while weaving) only air jet looms can yield the imperfections that are a characteristic of vintage denim. There are very few of these looms left and even the European repro brands who use denim made from vintage air jet looms cannot claim they are delivering an authentic product because of the nanodye used to color the yarns.

The denim on these vintage True Religion's were dyed in real indigo, which fade with wear, whereas nanodye sticks on to the entire surface area of yarn fiber. Finally the most impressive aspect to this collectible item is that actual people operated the sewing machines and grinding tools, ensuring no two jeans are EXACTLY the same. Comes with real cotton patch. Made in Mexico. 20 million Euros or best offer.



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