Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy New Year

My apologies for the long hiatus. I was busy evading a gang of Levi's assassins (they wear black Levi's Capital E Skinners) intent on ending my life (of collecting Japanese jeans that infringe on their trademarks. But with my recent interest in their legal actions I don't blame them. After all they're just trying to protect their assets.

All illusions of self importance aside let's kick off the new year (which begins a bit late for the Chinese) with a list of exciting Denim News projects.

In this year of the pig you can expect a glut of book reviews. I spent a great deal of 2006 tracking down tons of literature on denim and it's time to show and tell. The folks at Denim Design Lab are dropping a limited edition, hand numbered coffee table book all about denim. Denim News will be one of the first places for you to check it out before copping your own (that's if you can even get your dirty paws on one of the only 5000 copies, bound in Cone White Oak denim and finished by LA's APS Laundry and Finishing). This review will be followed by looks into other titles that are essential to any denim enthusiast.

But I realize some of you are simply thirsty for industry knowledge. Email after emails to me suggest that many of my readers work in denim and need to keep their ears open for any tidbit of gossip. Denim News is dedicated to delivering the scoop and have bribed a handful of informats to cover mills, manufacturers, designers, marketers, etc. Just keep in mind that post-Scooter-Libby everyone must take extra precautions so all info that may lead back to our intelligence sources will be omitted. If we say the Lubells have filed for divorce YOU MUST SIMPLY TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT DUBYA BUSH STYLE.

Finally you can expect 2007 to be the year when we make good on bringing you interviews with various characters holding jobs that will be of interest to you. I won't reveal too much but if you keep your eyes open you won't be disappointed.

All this is in addition to the usual grind.

Thank you for supporting Denim News and let's drink to new, better year.


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