Friday, January 26, 2007

BIG Assurance

Our friends at Blue in Green (BIG), premier denim retailer in NYC, sends denimheads around the globe the following message today.


This is an announcement concerning all of our denim products.

All of our denim products imported from Japan or any other country will no longer contain tabs sewn into pocket seams made of any type of material and of any color including leather. They will also be void of any back pocket stitching or leather patches which infringe on trademarks or copywrites registered with the United States government. These three infringements include:

-Any piece of fabric or material sewn between two structural seams of a garment

-Back pocket stitching (arcuate) which could be mistaken for a Levi's arcuate or similar enough to cause confusion

-Leather patch with an image of two horses (and apparently anything else) pulling apart a pair of jeans.

All of the companies we currently sell in our store fully understand this matter and will comply by removing tabs, pocket stitching, and leather patches which infringe on or are too close in similarity to US registered trademarks and copywrites. We are also complying by no longer selling items with these infringements in place.

**All items are now being sold void of these three trademarks and copywrites held by Levi's Strauss and Co.

**We've been in contact with each of the brands we deal with on removing back pocket tabs for future products, either replacing back pocket arcuates with a different design or eliminating the arcuates completely, and in the case of our beloved pigboy champions Studio D'Artisan there will be a re-working of the leather patch due to the current infringement of two pigs pulling apart a pair of jeans.Fortunately what will not change about these products is the most important thing about them and the main reason we wear them and that's the DENIM!

When some denim companies speak of brand identity they rely on exterior flaggings or markings or shapes. In the case of these companies which we support they're identity is their denim. They pour blood, sweat, and tear into producing some of the most unique and revered denim on the planet. When we speak of these brands its usually about the texture, weight, and color of the denim. We're able to identify them just by sight and feel. So while these brands will be void of familiar markings they will still retain the most important aspect of their product and that's the denim.We'll be providing further information and developments as they occur. Thank you for your support in this time of change and transition.

Gordon Heffner
Yuji Fukushima
Blue In Green

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