Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Straight from a Gay Man

hahaha this is hilarious. And surprisingly true, for the most part. Listen to William Sledd (mullings on life and fashion through his Ask A GAY MAN YouTube series) and friend rant about how skinny jeans are not for everyone.

Despite the silliness of the video they touch on a good point. The fact that the skinny jean doesn't flatter all figures makes our current fixation with it a predictably short-lived trend. Certainly a number of women will keep rocking it but its popularity will taper off. Soon.

Enjoy the video.

More info about William Sledd from his MySpace profile:

Average boy next door type, with a little bit of crazy BoyBitch in me, yeah thats right BOYBITCH, haha, anyways im 22 living in Paducah, KY. I work at the Gap, which in return has made me hate people. But i love my dog Verdell is the hottest dog in Paducah, also a BoyBitch. We have issues.

Link to Video "Ask A GAY MAN: Denim Edition"


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