Thursday, January 12, 2006

Are Your Levis iPod Compatible?

Levi announced that they will sell RedWire(TM) DLX Jeans, which are compatible with your iPod. What does that mean? Well a docking system in the side pocket of seemingly normal Levi's will carry and conceal the iPod comfortably (?) and allow you to control it via a joystick in the watch pocket. There's even a cord organizer. All this and you can wash them too (but just in case, why not make it in ring ring selvedge so nobody would wash them?)
Although the RedWires will be compatible with most iPods, I'm interested in seeing how these jeans will let me carry my wafer thin Nano without cracking the screen.
They were not ready to show any pic or talk about pricing but could not resist trying to start some buzz during the week of MacWorld. guys.

Levi's Press Release


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