Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Try Chinese-made Jeans, Get Stung

Ouch! A Japanese customer gets stung while trying on a pair of jeans that were made in China. No, the Japanese fashion mob didn't call her out on buying Chinese made goods. Apparently a live scorpion came as a bonus in the pockets of the jeans. From BBC News:
The woman, on the southern island of Okinawa, ended up in hospital for five days as a result of the sting, which was not life-threatening.

Local health officials captured the 5cm (2 inch) scorpion, which was believed to be a Chinese bark scorpion.

It is thought to have travelled inside the jeans from China, where they were made.


When she rubbed the area with her hand, the scorpion then stung her right index finger.
The poor woman's name was withheld, no doubt from fear of the local fashion police. We're sure that's the last time she risks her stingy neck with MIC jeans. Thanks Paul Trynka for the tip.

In separate news from unconfirmed source: Made-in-China jeans have become a raging fad with Japanese teens hoping to score a live scorpion. Overnight the stock price of the country's top novelty vending machine company drops to mere cents as the once-loyal market turns to "quarter jeans" (we're fact-checking the translation) for their fix. All we can say is it's a numbers game.

BBC News Article


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