Monday, November 13, 2006

TRLG Q3 Tidbits

I'm no seasoned investor but the Average Joe Investor is. Nor do I own any TRLG stock but he does. Check his blog for a reaction to TRLG's Q3 results.
As a shareholder, and having been positive myself on the prospects of True Religion Apparel (Nasdaq: TRLG), I'm licking my wounds a bit after their last earnings call. What a mess. Rather than give a full rundown, which will just up my PTSD, I'll just hit some of the high(low)lights

Also read the recap by MarketWatch's Herb Greenberg. He points out that
One interesting question on the call was whether divorce rumors are true about Lubell and his wife Kymberly. Lubell sidestepped the question, saying, "Rumors are rumors; I'm here to discuss anything that involves the business."

Yes, that line in the article is underscored, italicized, and in bold. What's fashion without good gossip?

And almost certainly if Kimberly parts way with Jeffrey you can expect a new line from her. Perhaps a much darker version of True Religion.

UPDATED: Anonymous source notes the Lubell's divorce is not a rumor.

The Average Joe Investor

MarketWatch's Herb Greenberg


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